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Documentary film Woman Rabbi - the first film about Gisi Fleischmann

K2 Production and Radio and TV of Slovakia 2012
Written and directed by Anna Grusková, Producer Ivica Barabášová


The first film about Gisi Fleischmann offers a number of discoveries from Slovak, Israeli and American archives, interviews with historians, testimonies of Melbourne memorials across Israel to Bratislava, and scenes from the Italian Reon Theater in Bologna, which studied the contemporary Rabinik theater play. One of the most important themes that pass through the whole film is the concept of heroism by Gisi Fleischmann. There is no doubt that she has shown great civic bravery when she has helped to a decisive extent her community in Slovakia and abroad. On the other hand, her activism has greatly influenced her family life. The film represents the heroism of Gisi Fleischmann in all its dimensions.

The film was also part of an educational project supported by the Holocaust Documentation Center, K2 Production, by the Europe for Citizens Program. The aim of the project was to create events that combined artistic and educational ambitions, focusing primarily on the younger generation and students as well as on the general public throughout Slovakia and Europe. The exhibition and screening of the film Woman Rabbi was designed to present the extraordinary fate of a precious and worthy woman in a dignified and attractive way. The film became part of the educational activities of secondary schools in Bratislava, Martin, Žilina, Košice, Nitra, Piešťany, Banská Bystrica and Zvolen. After the screening, various experts from the history of the Slovak state, Jewish identity and culture from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Israel discussed.

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