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BOK, Petr - ŠMOK, Martin. Among Blind Fools (Mezi zaslepenymi blazny). Documentary film. Prague: Czech Television, 1998 - online!

"A 3 x 55 minute film documenting the life and activities of Michael Weissmandl, brilliant orthodox rabbi from Slovakia, who rescued thousands of Slovak Jews during the Holocaust by devising various rescue schemes, including bribing top Nazi and Slovak officials. Known among the religious Jews for his work in the field of mystical equidistant letter sequences, at the time of WW II Weissmandl was a spiritual leader of the "Working Group", an illegal Jewish body that co-ordinated majority of the underground activities in Slovakia while operating within the framework of the legal Jewish Council. It was the work of the "Working Group" that ultimately led to much more publicized negotiations of Rudolf Kasztner with the SS in Hungary. Using unique testimonies of the last eye-witnesses, archival film sources from Central and Eastern Europe and materials from private archives, for the first time ever the fate of the "Working Group" is properly documented."

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DUDINSKI Nataša: Gisi (2014). Documentary film. 

"Gisi Fleischmann believed she could stop the Holocaust if only she succeeded to raise enough money. She led a resistance group in Slovakia which tried to stop the transports to Auschwitz by bribing Nazi officials. Her story has been almost forgotten, and all that's left are dozens of letters she sent all over the world hoping to raise 2 million dollars the Nazis requested as the ransom for saving European Jewry. Recently, the Slovak National Theater staged a play about her and the film follows the theater ensemble during the creative process of putting on the play, interweaving the play's rehearsals with Gisi's letters, insights of historians, memories of her relatives and search for her traces in her hometown Bratislava." 



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