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Gisi the official and organizer of emigration

“We put together the scattered atoms into a live force.”

Gisi Fleischmann was the President of the Slovak chapter of WIZO – Women’s International Zionist Organisation. She took over the post from Júlia Knopfelmacher and turned the club that was mainly involved in charity and house work, in close cooperation with Czech and other international partners into a modern organisation with an emphasis on political, social and cultural work. She proved to be an excellent convenor, having acquired vast range of international contacts, what later made her the leading figure of the résistance movement.


“The secret of a successful development of major movement lays in its organisation. In order to prove successful, every global movement, no matter what the agenda, has to be able to lean on a perfectly and thoroughly working organisation. (…) In particular case, the WIZO, that is a global movement that spiritually embraces over 100,000 Jewish...

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“I travelled as the WIZO President, Hicem delegate and the trustee of the Lord Mayor Fond. I looked for the headquarters of these institutions in London and Paris, along with their leading figures. WIZO executive was in session that debated the issues concerning Jews in the autonomous Slovakia, since the change of our political situation required...

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“Dear Mr Fleischmann,

(...) the fact that it is only now that I am answering your kind letter that genuinely pleased me, has been caused by my travels over the past few weeks. I travelled to Paris and London on matters pertaining emigration and I can pride myself with a few successes. One of my key briefs was to draw attention to our zores, for,...

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