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“I negotiated with all the leading figures of Hungarian Jewish life and have to say quite objectively that the local chawerim do not know Jewish solidarity. The social dimension and the joy of giving (…) Yet the opportunities are vast, given that our local friends there are, thankfully, altogether independent, free to use their assets. In spite of what is forever our task – that we first take into consideration willingness to help and only then the rest, then this sign of solidarity and personal courage is altogether absent here.

Our despair is immeasurable. There is talk about the March attack (the renewal ofdeportations) and we stand here in front of the abyss that can be breached, had there only been more compassion with our suffering. It is a sad chapter in the history of suffering of our peoples that our own chawerim are to thus take responsibility for the thousands of chayim.

The idea that the united chawerim of Stefan, Sally and Miklos would be unable to avert our tragedy is humanly unbearable. I can never accept that; the indictment turns against all who are unable to live up to their most elementary human duty.

We won a five-month menuchah and temporarily saved thousands of human lives.

Based on your promises, we took on commitment which we cannot keep because of or international chawerim.

We established labour camps which are on the brink of bankruptcy as they find themselves in material need.

We are getting close to March, the contract will end; we stand without help and are hopelessly lost.

We therefore ask you in this tragic hour: do raise the conscience of every Jew who lives in safety abroad to realise their human duty at last and think that the most elementary duty of every civilised and cultured person is to save brethren from doom. We only ask for money, an asset that can be replaced anytime, whilst human life is irreplaceable. I shall thus conclude with Nathan’s statement:

Don’t forget the most important thing!”

To anonymous recipient, 14 January 1943

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